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A Complete Guide To Fairfield & New Haven County, CT Pests

When pests invade, you need answers, and you need them now! Using our informative pest library, you will find helpful information about all of the common insects, rodents, and wildlife most likely to invade your Connecticut home or business. You'll also learn what these pests look like, if they are dangerous, what attracts them to your property, and most importantly, how to get rid of them! If you need help identifying pests, just email us a picture or share an image of the pest to our Facebook page for help!


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a dog tick on human skin

What Everyone In New Haven Ought To Know About Ticks

September 15, 2020

Ticks are disgusting pests because they are parasites that need a host to survive. While some tick species prefer animal hosts, most in the area will also attach to a human host if one comes along. Ticks will wait (often in brush or long grass) for a host and then cut into the skin.... Read More


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