How To Stop Bed Bug Infestations Before They Even Begin In New Haven

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No one wants to deal with bed bugs. They're gross, invasive, and tough to remove once they've taken up residence in your home. The best way to deal with bed bugs is to prevent them from ever moving in in the first place. Check out these tips about New Haven pest control and preventing bed bug infestations!

Warning: Bed Bug Infestations Can Happen To Anyone

Bed bug infestations can happen to anyone, no matter how clean or tidy your home is. These pests are experts at hiding and can easily go unnoticed for weeks or even months. That's why it's so important to be vigilant and know the signs of an infestation. Some common signs to look for include the following:

  • Tiny brown or red bugs crawling around on your sheets, mattress, or furniture
  • Bloodstains on your sheets or pillowcases
  • Small, brownish-red fecal stains on your bed or other furniture
  • A sweet, musty smell coming from infested areas in your home
  • Bite marks on your body (generally in a line or cluster instead of just one isolated bite)
  • Restless sleep due to feeling like something is crawling on you
  • Tiny eggs or eggshells around the seams of your mattress

If you see any of these signs, it's time to call a professional pest control service. They'll be able to confirm whether or not you have an infestation and figure out the best course of action to get rid of the bugs for good.

How Do Bed Bug Infestations Spread?

Bed bug infestations usually start when a few bugs hitch a ride into your home on luggage, furniture, or clothing. Once they're inside, they'll start to breed and multiply quickly. Before you know it, you could have hundreds of bugs in your home.

These pests are also very good at spreading from one unit to another in multi-unit buildings like apartments or condos. They can travel through cracks in walls, pipes, or electrical outlets to infest other units. Acting fast is crucial if you think you have an infestation. The sooner you call a bed bug control service in New Haven, the less chance bed bugs will have to spread.

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

Bed bugs commonly live in places people sleep, like hotels, hostels, and dormitories. However, they are also present in other places where people congregate, like movie theaters, public transportation, and office buildings. Often, they arrive in new settings on used furniture, clothing, or luggage. That's why it's essential to be careful when bringing secondhand items into your home.

While it is impossible to completely escape the risk of bringing bed bugs into your home, there are some bed bug control techniques for your home that you can use to minimize your chances of a bed bug infestation. These include keeping all bedding clean, drying clothes in the hottest setting possible, and installing bed bug-proof covers on your mattresses and box springs. 

Avoid picking up bed bugs in public spaces by never leaving your belongings on the floor, not mixing your stuff with others at school, work, or the gym, and bypassing secondhand furniture when possible. 

The Trick To Permanent Bed Bug Removal

Pest control companies near you can help you get rid of bed bugs for good. Pest control to kill bed bugs has been in Connecticut Pest Elimination, LLC's hands for years. We know the best methods for getting rid of these pests quickly and permanently.

We also offer various services to help prevent bed bug infestations from happening in the first place. Our team can treat your home with a preventative insecticide that will keep bed bugs from moving in. We can also install bed bug monitors in your home to give you an early warning if these pests start to appear in your home.

If you're worried about bed bugs, call our team at Connecticut Pest Elimination, LLC today. We'll help you get rid of these pests for good!