The Easiest Way To Get Rid Of Rodents In Your New Haven Home


All pests are annoying. Few are annoying, dangerous, and destructive. Rodents are one of the few in our area that poses all three of these problems to homeowners. If you have recently started noticing signs indicating these pests are inside your living areas, we are here to help. This is what you should know about rodents in New Haven and some helpful control tips to get them out fast.

Why Rodents Are Dangerous

If you went and rolled around in a trash heap and then went swimming in a sewer, you would likely come out with some disease. With rodents inside your home, you don’t have to do either of these things to get sick. These pests crawl and swim through areas filled with disease-causing organisms. All you have to do is interact with a space where rats have been, ingest food they have contaminated, or cross-contaminate your face with particulates from their fecal droppings or urine to get sick. 

The Destructive Nature Of Rodents

All rodents develop sharp and strong incisor teeth within a week of being born. These teeth constantly grow until the day they die. Rodents chew on everything to keep these incisors to a reasonable length. Sometimes they chew for practical reasons like to get through a wall or into a box of food. Other times they chew for fun, like when they gnaw on the legs of furniture or sever electrical wires. Regardless of why rats are chewing, if they do so inside your home, it will lead to unwanted damage.

How Rodents Get Into Homes

Rodents find their way into homes by crawling through gaps, cracks, and other openings. They find these entry points in foundation blocks, window or door screens, siding, rooflines, and chimneys. Sometimes rats will crawl in through open and unscreened doors and windows.

What Methods Work To Control Rodents

There is certainly a right and a wrong way to handle rodent infestations. To save you some time, here are some steps to follow to deal with your infestation potentially:

  • Identify the size of your infestation. If you just started noticing signs of activity, you may only be dealing with one or two rodents. If you regularly see rodents out in the open, there is a good chance more are hiding inside your walls.
  • If your home has a new infestation, purchase some high-quality snap traps, bait them with peanut butter, and place them in the back of cabinets, along baseboards, and in areas, you suspect rodents are hiding and traveling.
  • Dispose of dead rodents using safety equipment and continue laying traps for two weeks.
  • If your problems do not subside, assume rodents have adapted to avoid your traps or that your infestation is too big for you to handle.

The Best Solution To Rodent Control: Professional Help

Handling rodent infestations is difficult without industrial-grade traps, expensive bait, and a thorough knowledge of their behaviors. At Connecticut Pest Elimination, we have all of these things. Our pest control team is adept at aiding homeowners with invasive rodents and would be happy to address your problems quickly. We will perform a detailed inspection of your property, looking for rodent activity, inform you of the situation, and use traps and bait as needed to quickly and thoroughly remove these pests. We will also put in place strategies to make sure rodents stay out after we leave.

Contact our team for any questions you have and set a time to have your New Haven home serviced.