The Problems Wildlife Can Bring to New Haven Properties


While we commonly find pests such as stinging insects, rodents, mosquitoes, and spiders all around our New Haven property, there are other, larger animal species that can cause significant problems for home and business owners. This various wildlife enters yards often, and they can be destructive and dangerous. While some wildlife is more common or troublesome than others, they can all be challenging to remove and upsetting to eliminate. For example, birds can be especially annoying, as it is challenging to keep these flying animals away. Other species, such as bats, raccoons, and squirrels, can carry disease or cause health problems in humans. 

Read on to learn about the various concerns wildlife bring and tips on how to safely remove them from New Haven properties.

The Dangers & Damages of Wildlife

Wild animals can be interesting to view from afar. However, dealing with them up close and personal is stressful. The first set of issues that these creatures can cause relates to property damage. Here are some of the many ways these pests can destroy New Haven properties or yards:

  • Squirrels can damage the exterior of homes as they chew through a range of materials.
  • Bird and bat droppings can build up and destroy siding or even mechanical equipment.
  • Raccoons and skunks can enter gardens and rip up plants.

If any of these species get inside the home, they can create large messes and be difficult to remove.

A wildlife infestation can bring many health risks to New Haven properties because: 

  • Pigeons can spread some diseases, and even their droppings can let off a spore that causes illness.
  • Raccoons, bats, and squirrels can carry rabies.
  • Many wildlife also carries parasites such as ticks or fleas. These parties can spread diseases like Lyme disease and the Bubonic plague.
  • Some species will bite if they feel threatened.
  • Mammals can cause allergic reactions and asthma attacks.

Understanding the dangers associated with wildlife likely makes you wonder how to get rid of these unwanted pests. 

Can You Remove Wildlife on Your Own?

It’s not a good idea to take wildlife removal into your own hands. Most of these aforementioned species aren’t particularly aggressive when left alone, but they will defend themselves if they need to. They are most likely to attack when they feel trapped or cornered. Therefore, attempting to remove them is when they will most likely bite or scratch, leading to humans contracting an illness such as rabies. 

Most wildlife species require specialized tools, equipment, and training to remove them from a property. For these reasons, professional pest control is the safest way to handle any wildlife infestation.

Partner With Conneticult Pest Eliminateion, LLC For Effective Wildlife Control

When it comes to removing wildlife from New Haven properties, many people worry about what will happen to the animals. With Connecticut Pest Elimination, LLC, you can be at peace knowing we provide humane wildlife control services

We set up live traps and monitor them daily. Once our team of professionals captures the animal, we move and release it in a new, safe environment away from people.

If you’re dealing with wildlife concerns, give us a call today to learn more or request an inspection.