How To Protect Your New Haven Property From Termites

termite in dirt

No one wants termites on their New Haven property. But if you're not taking steps to keep your property safe from termites, you could be victimized by these damaging pests. Find out what you need to do to protect your home or business and keep it termite-free. 

Why Termite Prevention Matters

You might wonder why there's even a need for termite prevention. After all, how much damage can a few termites cause? As it turns out, a lot. Termites can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs to floors, ceilings, and structural elements. 
Often, people don't realize they have termites until the pests have made their way through a building. The damage lies within the walls, hidden from human eyes. If you don't know the signs of termites, you could already be dealing with a large infestation.

The Key To Prevention

To effectively keep termites away from your New Haven property, you need to know what attracts them. Termites seek out cellulose, which is what they eat, and additionally find moisture appealing. Finally, they look for properties that are easy to access. If it's hard to get to your wood, termites may not find your property appealing. 
With that knowledge, you can better protect your property from termites. All of the following precautions make you less likely to encounter termites:

Reduce Sources Of Moisture

Every property has at least one type of moisture issue, if not more. You could have a leaky sink, a humid bathroom, or a broken gutter. Whatever the cause of excess moisture may be, it could be attracting termites.
First, you need to determine the best way to reduce the moisture. This could mean hiring someone to make a home repair or making a simple adjustment, like installing a dehumidifier. Once the moisture issue is fixed, you should check for wood damage. If you have wet wood, it will be irresistible to termites. 

Eliminate Soil To Wood Contact 

If you have any wood that comes into contact with the soil, termites will find their way inside. In the early stages of a build, this is easy to accomplish. But existing home and business owners might find this more challenging. A layer of concrete between the soil and wood is the best way to make a barrier for termites. 

Store Firewood Far Away

Although it might be convenient to store firewood near your building, it's not ideal. The firewood is food for termites and could attract them closer to your structure. It's extra work, but storing firewood away from your buildings can deter termites. 

Clean Yard Debris

The more debris you have in your yard, the more reasons termites have to come onto your property. If you want to keep these pests away, clean up your yard debris. Don't let piles of leaves and branches accumulate, and try to dispose of your yard waste properly. 

Limit Vegetation

Termites can use vegetation as cover to travel into your home or business. Therefore, one effective way of keeping termites away is to clean up your yard. Don't allow your garden to grow too lush or your lawn to get too tall. 

Repair Rotting Shingles

Your roof could be an access point for termites. To protect your property, replace any rotting shingles. Doing so also comes with the benefit of preventing leaks and further damage.

Work With A Professional 

The best termite prevention isn't a DIY job. Unfortunately, keeping termites out is a tough job that takes skill, experience, and the right resources. If you want professional assistance, contact us at Connecticut Pest Elimination. We can prevent termites from setting foot on your property or eliminate existing populations.