What You Should Know About Termite Season In New Haven


Termite season in New Haven can bring with it the challenge of swarming termites invading your home. Our article tells you the signs of termites in your house and recommends the best termite specialist near you to avoid developing a termite problem.

When Is Termite Season In New Haven?

Termite season occurs in New Haven when swarmer (reproductive) termites head out of their colonies and start to search for a new area to set up their own colonies. To avoid contracting a termite problem, you should know when termite season is.

The Eastern subterranean termite is the most common species of termite found in New Haven. It typically swarms during the day at any point from March to May. Proper termite control involves protecting your home against termites year-round, especially during termite season.

How Do I Know If My New Haven Home Has Termites?

To determine whether your New Haven home has termites or not, you should be looking out for the following signs of termites inside your house. If you do see any of these signs, your best option is to reach out to a termite specialist near you as soon as possible.

  • Swarmer termites will invade your home and leave behind their shed wings. Look out for these along windowsills, doorjambs, and near baseboards, as they are a significant indicator of a termite problem.
  • Termite frass will be found in your home due to the infestation of termites tunneling through your walls and leaving behind their droppings. Frass looks very similar to wood shavings and appears in small piles.
  • Hollow-sounding wood and a soft rustling noise in your walls at nighttime indicate that termites are inside, tunneling through the wooden structures of your home.
  • Mud tubes may be found inside or outside of your property. These small tunnels allow termites to cross into your home from the outside.

What Does A Termite Infestation In New Haven Look Like?

A termite infestation in New Haven can start virtually unnoticeable but may rapidly become out of control if you are not paying attention. Proper termite control involves looking for signs of termites and protecting your property before they take over your home.

An active termite infestation in New Haven will bring wood that appears damaged, rotting, or is entirely hollow and breakable. You may see this wood around your property or start to notice that your floors are sinking, walls are sounding hollow, and doors or windows are tight-fitting. This type of damage can result in structural collapse if left unaddressed.

Additionally, an active termite infestation will bring sightings of live termites around your property, in the damaged wood, or around the other areas of your property. You are also likely to see mud tubes crossing in from the outside of your property to the interior areas as the termites tunnel their way inside.

How To Get Rid Of Termites In New Haven?

If you want to know how to get rid of termites in New Haven, you should be contacting the best termite control in New Haven – Connecticut Pest Elimination, LLC. Our professionals are highly trained in termite inspection and removal and can quickly identify any infestation problem you are having. With the help of effective, targeted termite treatments, your home will be pest-free in no time, and you won’t have to worry about termite invasions any longer.