Don't Let Stinging Insects Ruin Your Backyard Activities In New Haven

yellow jacket up close

Do you love to spend time outdoors around your yard? As summer approaches, enjoying your yard is important, but stinging insects around your New Haven property will ruin all the fun in the sun. There are many kinds of stinging insects in the area, and some of them are more dangerous than others. But, most do pose some health risks as they have stingers that inject venom.

You need to know some prevention tips to protect yourself and your family from stinging insects. Keep reading to get advice from the New Haven pest control experts at Connecticut Pest Elimination, LLC.

Three Ways Stinging Insects Ruin Backyard Fun

The main types of stinging insects in New Haven are paper wasps, yellow jackets, and bees. All three subgroups share similarities, but paper wasps and yellow jackets are both wasps while bees are not. Bees are usually less aggressive as well.

But, all of these pests could ruin your backyard fun for these three reasons:

  1. They Are Dangerous: A sting could lead to hospitalization if you're allergic to their venom. But, even people who aren't allergic could be at risk as some wasp species will sting repeatedly.
  2. They Are Scary: While wasp and bee stings don't happen every time a stinging insect is around, it's still terrifying to encounter these pests. You'll want to avoid being outside altogether if a stinging insect is flying around.
  3. Some Can Destroy Property: Species like the carpenter bee damage wooden structures as they bore holes to build their nests.

Because stinging insects are risky to have around, there are some practical steps you can take today to prevent these pests.

Things You Can Do To Avoid Stinging Insects

The most effective way to deter stinging insects is to remove the factors that attract them in the first place.

We recommend implementing these measures:

  • Clean up trash around the yard and get lids for garbage cans.
  • Remove standing water from around the property and clean out rain gutters.
  • Keep covers on hot tubs and pools or clean them with the correct chemicals.
  • Take away access to bird feeders and store any pet food inside the home.
  • Ensure that you don't have too many flowering plants.

Finally, the best way to prevent stinging insects is with help from New Haven pest control professionals. Home pest control plans offer ongoing support against these problematic pests. 

Stinging Insect Prevention Tips That Do Not Work

While there are some ways to reduce the likelihood of a stinging insect problem, other approaches don't work. Most at-home attempts to remove wasp nests aren't effective and could even be dangerous. You shouldn't try to take a bat or any other tool to the nests. Most stinging insects only attack when they feel threatened or need to protect their colonies.

When It Is Time To Consider Professional Stinging Insect Control

Once stinging insects have established themselves around your property, it's best to call the professionals. While you could use certain sprays or other products available at the store, these only go so far. They aren't always effective, and you don't want to risk an attack.

It's much safer and gives you peace of mind to contact Connecticut Pest Elimination, LLC. We provide experience and professionalism and have many years of experience removing stinging insects. Call us today to set up an inspection of your property and get started on our effective home pest control and commercial pest control services.