Termite Season Is Upon Us In New Haven

termite with wings

There is a hidden threat in New Haven. It lives under the ground and comes up from the ground to feed on the wood in our homes. Every year, this hidden threat reveals itself for the briefest of moments. Hundreds of thousands of termite swarmers take to the air. If you see them on your property, it is important to understand what those white-winged termites are telling you.

What do swarmers mean?

If you have dozens, or hundreds, of winged termites in your home, you don't need anyone to tell you that you're in trouble. Those swarmers came from a nest inside your home. But when termite swarmers appear on the outside of a home, it can be misunderstood. You may be tempted to think that those swarmers are looking for a way in. If they can't find one, maybe they'll move on. There are two things you should know.

While subterranean termites in New Haven do look for entry points in your exterior and they can get inside, they aren't going to create a nest in your home. They create nests in the ground and send out the legions of workers to feed on your home.

Termite swarms don't last for more than about 30 minutes, and they don't travel far. If you see swarmers crawling around on the exterior of your home, it means there is a mature nest somewhere nearby, possibly in your yard.

How hard is it to detect an impending termite infestation?

There are two ways termites will come into your yard and feed on your home. Both are extremely sneaky.

When termite swarmers find a mate, they break away from the other termites and find a place to create a nest. If two termites come into your yard to make a nest, not only are they tiny and easily missed, but they're going to go down into the ground very quickly.

When termite workers come into your yard, they travel under the ground. A termite worker can travel as far as the length of a football field in search of a food source. If a large food source is found in your yard, the termites could create a satellite colony and, under the right conditions, that the satellite colony can split away from the first colony. This is called budding. If budding occurs, you could have a full colony of termites under the ground near your home, feeding on the wood of your home all year long. That is bad news for the equity of your home.

When do swarmers swarm in New Haven?

We typically see them swarming between February and May. That is why this is the time of year we warn property owners to keep an eye out for swarmers, and also to take some time to alter conditions that could invite swarmers to create a nest. Here are some tips:

  • Remove or replace rotting or dead wood on structures.

  • Remove stumps, logs, and brush piles.

  • Rake leaves up and remove them from your property.

  • If you can't remove the leaves, rake them as far away from your home as possible.

  • Address any conditions that cause moisture build up near your home, such as obstructed gutters.

  • Seal any entry points in your home to make it more difficult for termite workers to get in and find a bite to eat.

  • Be on the lookout for swarmers, but also the shelter tubes worker termites make on foundation walls.

What do I do if I see termite activity?

If you notice termites on your property, reach out to Connecticut Pest Elimination, LLC. We can meet with you and discuss the options that are available for locating and eliminating these destructive insects. Don't let your New Haven property be a meal for termites. Contact us today for immediate assistance.