Dealing With Nuisance Wildlife: Effective Strategies For Control And Prevention In New Haven

squirrel on tree

Wildlife pests can cause a lot of trouble around your yard and home if you don't know how to handle them. Property damage and illness are two common consequences of not properly responding to the threats these pests present. 

In this article, we'll look at some of the basic principles of wildlife control in New Haven, Connecticut. We'll go over a few common wildlife pests that you might encounter in the area, the damage that these pests can cause if they aren't taken care of quickly, and some simple prevention techniques you can use to protect yourself and your family from wildlife pests.

Finally, we'll discuss the benefits of working with a professional pest control company like Connecticut Pest Elimination, LLC. We've been serving the New Haven area for years, and we're always happy to help new customers.

Common Wildlife Intruders: Identifying The Culprits 

The first step in wildlife control is knowing what kinds of pests you might face, so to start, let's look at some of the types of common wildlife pests in the New Haven area. We'll touch on three pests here—raccoons, squirrels, and pigeons.

Raccoons are nocturnal mammals known for raiding trash cans and making their homes in outbuildings. You can easily identify them by the light and dark gray fur on their bodies and the black "mask" that covers their eyes.

Squirrels are rodents that are prone to eating garden crops and bird seed. They can also cause damage to the homes they infest. Squirrels vary in color by species, including white, gray, yellow, red, and brown. They have short body fur and bushy tails.

Pigeons are nuisance birds that eat food or trash left out in the open. They are usually gray with two black bars on their wings and one on their tails. They often roost under the eaves of buildings and other protected areas.

Next, we'll discuss another important aspect of wildlife pest control—the damage these pests can cause.

Assessing Wildlife Damage: The Impact Of Nuisance Animals On A Home

Wildlife pests can have a major impact on the health and safety of your home. Raccoons will get into the trash, often making a huge mess in the process. They will also damage insulation, shingles, and electrical wires. Raccoons are also carriers of rabies. Squirrels will destroy bird feeders, heating and air conditioning systems, and electrical wiring in homes. They may also make their homes in attics or walls. Pigeons will also eat trash or food left outside; their toxic feces can cause respiratory problems. They also carry diseases like toxoplasmosis, salmonella, and food poisoning. 

It's usually best to have a wildlife expert to help you with a plan to get rid of these pests. That's where Connecticut Pest Elimination, LLC comes in. 

Wildlife-Proofing Your Property: Effective Prevention Methods

As with most kinds of pests, the best thing for homeowners to do is implement preventative measures to keep them away. Here are a few steps you can take:

  • Store trash cans in a locked outbuilding.
  • Don't leave food unattended outside.
  • Put screens over vents, chimneys, and other similar openings.
  • Seal any cracks or gaps in the exterior of your home. 

These tips should help you keep yourself and your family safe. Professional wildlife removal is your best option when you need to get rid of these pests quickly.

The Benefits Of Professional Wildlife Removal: Why Hire Experts 

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