How Can I Tell If My New Haven Home Has Carpenter Ants?

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New Haven, Connecticut, is a small metropolitan city with great seaside benefits and a wealth of New England charm. Mixing a little old-world charm with new and innovative ideas makes New Haven the perfect place to call home. Whether you choose to live in a quaint seaside cottage, a swanky apartment or condo, or a grand historic home, all are in danger of receiving a visit from local carpenter ants. Without pest control in New Haven, these little insects with demolition experience might soon cause trouble in local homes.

Why Carpenter Ants Are A Major Problem Around New Haven

The combination of a humid subtropical climate (about 48 inches of rain annually) and the city's proximity to water make carpenter ants in New Haven a major problem. Carpenter ants are social insects that build nests for their ever-expanding colonies. Unfortunately for homeowners, their preferred nesting material is moisture-rich wood products, often found near or inside homes.

When scouts spread out from outdoor nests to forage, they often bump into homes that offer them food sources, moisture, and shelter, and while they won't eat your wood, they will tunnel through it to create homes for their colonies. As colonies enlarge, tunneling can branch into other areas of your home, even mining through perfectly dry, solid wood products to continue their expansion. Over time, carpenter ant tunneling can damage and weaken wooden structures in your home. If you think you have a carpenter ant infestation, it's essential to contact the professionals at Connecticut Pest Elimination, LLC. We have a staff of 39 highly trained service technicians who can correctly identify ant infestations and offer effective ant control solutions.

What Does A Carpenter Ant Infestation Look Like?

Carpenter ant infestations often go unnoticed until you see large black to reddish-black ants generally growing 1/4 to 3/4 of an inch long. They usually appear in bathrooms and kitchens near the refrigerator and dishwasher, around sinks, or in pantries. Seeing an active scout or winged swarmers near windows or doors should prompt homeowners to investigate. Watchful eyes can soon discover evidence of a probable infestation.

Visible signs of a carpenter ant infestation may include the following:

  • Finding shavings of wood ("sawdust") lying underneath nests, especially in damp areas
  • Hearing scratching or rustling noises behind walls
  • Noticing pinprick holes in your wood
  • Finding pieces of insulation lying around
  • Seeing carpenter ants in or around your home

Discovering signs of a carpenter ant infestation in your home is upsetting, but homeowners can rest easy knowing they have pest experts like Connecticut Pest Elimination, LLC, nearby. Our service technicians have expert knowledge and training that allows us to locate and remove carpenter ant infestations.

Why Carpenter Ants Require Professional Attention

When most carpenter ant infestation signs become evident to homeowners, the problem is typically widespread throughout homes. Once carpenter ants firmly establish themselves in houses, their nests become challenging to locate and eliminate. Spot treatments of the ants you see will never completely remove the core problem – the nest and its queen. Connecticut Pest Elimination, LLC offers expert ant pest control services near you that come with 25+ years of experience. Our knowledge of carpenter ant behaviors and industry-leading techniques and treatments can eliminate carpenter ants from your home. For carpenter ant control in homes to be successful, it's always best to call the home pest control professionals at Connecticut Pest Elimination, LLC.

Trust Connecticut Pest Elimination, LLC For Carpenter Ant Treatment

Connecticut Pest Elimination, LLC established its pest control company in 1992. Our family-owned and operated company's passion stems from our desire to protect your family and home from unwanted pests. We accomplish this goal by providing our valued customers with high-quality professional services delivered in a friendly, family-like manner. If you suspect a carpenter ant problem, don't delay – call Connecticut Pest Elimination, LLC today to receive a free estimate and professional ant control services near you.