Carpenter Bee Identification Guide


What are carpenter bees?

Carpenter bees are a large species of wood-destroying stinging insects that cause significant damage to the wooden structures they nest in. They are a large species of stinging insects with adults growing to between 1/2 and 1-1/2 inches long. Carpenter bees in New Haven have round, robust bodies that are mostly black; males have white or yellow faces. Carpenter bees are often mistaken for bumblebees but, unlike bumblebees, the abdomen on a carpenter bee is shiny and void of hair.

a carpenter bee in a wooden post outside of a home in fairfield connecticut

Are carpenter bees dangerous?

Carpenter bees tunnel inside wood to create their nesting galleries. While a single carpenter bee might not be able to cause significant damage to a piece of wood, many carpenter bees can. Female carpenter bees often pick the same area or piece of wood to nest in. Additionally, woodpeckers love to feed on carpenter bee larvae. To get to the larvae, they peck around the entry hole of the nest, damaging the wood even further.

Female carpenter bees have stingers and can deliver painful stings to defend themselves. Their venom is strong enough to trigger allergic reactions in some people. Female carpenter bees are very docile, so the main concern with these pests is the structural damage they and the woodpeckers feeding on their larvae cause.

Why do I have a carpenter bee problem?

Access to food and shelter is what attracts carpenter bees to properties. These bees nest in unfinished or weathered pieces of wood and feed on pollen and nectar; therefore, in addition to appropriate nesting sites, properties with lots of flowering plants and trees will attract these carpenter bees.

Where will I find carpenter bees?

Carpenter bees prefer to build their nests in structures made from cedar and pine such as decks, fences, wooden play structures, and outdoor wooden furniture. Carpenter bees are outdoor pests; you'll rarely see them inside your home or business, but they will nest on the exterior in wood shingles, siding, and roof eaves.

How do I get rid of carpenter bees?

Here at Connecticut Pest Elimination, our dedicated and licensed pest technicians provide the comprehensive home pest control services needed to eliminate carpenter bees and other common pests and keep them from returning! Guard your home or business against pests with the help of a local, full-service pest control company with over 27 years of experience. For more information about our residential and commercial pest control services, reach out to Connecticut Pest Elimination today!

How can I prevent carpenter bees in the future?

In addition to our professional services, the following prevention tips will help you to avoid problems with carpenter bee here in Connecticut:

  • The wood used to build structures on your property should be varnished, stained, or painted.

  • Do not store firewood near the exterior of your home or business.

  • Install metal flashing on the end of deck boards.

  • Remove fallen trees and tree stumps from your property.

  • When possible, use hardwoods instead of softwoods to build structures on your property.

  • Use a caulking gun to repair holes in the exterior walls, wood trim, and wood shingles on your property.


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