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Here in Connecticut, pests come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. They can range from wood-destroying termites building massive networks of tunnels in your walls to wasps setting up shop in your yard and threatening to sting anyone who gets close to occasional invaders such as earwigs, centipedes, or millipedes creeping around the darker portions of your home. However, all these pests share one feature: they are uncomfortable guests in your home and many can cause serious damage if left unchecked.

Thankfully there is a solution to all your pest problems in the form of Connecticut Pest Elimination, LLC We make it our business to know everything there is to know about common pests and just how to get rid of them. When you give us a call you can count on a quick response from experienced experts who can quickly analyze your problem and propose an effective solution. Find out how our effective home pest control plans and commercial pest control solutions can benefit your property!

Are you finding ants in your kitchen or bathroom? Are yellow jackets, hornets, and wasps starting to make your yard, attic, or even general house dangerous? Are you waking up with mysterious bug bites? Connecticut Pest Elimination, Inc can help. Give us a call today or contact us online to schedule your free estimate in Wallingford!

Expert Wildlife Control In Wallingford, CT

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Here at Connecticut Pest Elimination, we specialize in providing humane wildlife control and removal for homes and businesses throughout the entire state of Connecticut. The common animal invaders covered under our services include:

  • Woodchucks

  • Gophers

  • Opossums

  • Pigeons

  • Squirrels

  • Raccoons

  • Snakes

When it comes to dealing with wildlife in and around your home or business, it's never a good idea to try to remove them on your own as wild animals can be dangerous. Instead, enlist the help of our team of highly trained and experienced wildlife control experts here at Connecticut Pest Elimination. For professional wildlife control and animal removal in Connecticut, we're you're number one choice!

The Common Wood-Destroying Insects Of Wallingford, CT

Here in Connecticut Pest Elimination, we contend with a variety of destructive pests. However, there is a distinct sub-category of these pests that you should keep an eye out for: wood-destroying insects. These destructive pests will cause damage to the wood of your home or business that are often not covered by insurance and are costly to repair.

Subterranean Termites  - Considered one of the most destructive and problematic pests in the United States, termites are responsible for over $5 billion dollars worth of structural damage every year by feeding on the structural beams of homes and businesses. Commonly referred to as "silent invaders", these sneaky pests stay out of sight and can eat away at the structural wood of your home or business for months or even years without you noticing, making them especially dangerous pests to contend with.

Carpenter Ants - Though not as destructive as termites, carpenter ants can still cause major problems for home and business owners, and if left unchecked, can cause extensive damage to the wood of your property that will be costly to repair. Though they don't actually eat the wood, they do tunnel through it to create nests or galleries inside.

Carpenter Bees - These bees get their name from their habit of boring holes into wood; carpenter bees don't actually feed on wood, but instead drill circular holes into structures to create tunnels and nests inside. Unlike other common bee species, carpenter bees are not social insects and build individual nests. You're likely to find these nests in trees or in the frames, eaves, or sides of buildings. These bees will also reinfest the same structure year after year, so even if it looks like they're gone, it's only a matter of time.

Powderpost Beetles - Accurately named for their ability to turn wood into a fine, dust-like powder, powderpost beetles have been known to invade both softwood and hardwood structures. These beetles, or more specifically, their larvae, can cause significant structural damage to properties as they eat away at the wood of your home (flooring, structural beams, wood trim, etc.) while they develop. Once mature, they'll tunnel out of the wood, creating round exit holes, and start the vicious cycle all over again. If left untreated, a powderpost beetle infestation can go on for several generations, leading to extensive damage and weakened or compromised structural integrity.

Signs Of Rodent Infestations In Wallingford, CT

From mice and rats, and even squirrels, when rodents invade they leave behind some tell-tale signs of their presence. Being aware of these common signs of a rodent infestation will help you know exactly what you're dealing with when you see them and allow you to reach out to a professional sooner rather than later!

  • Ripped or torn food packages in your pantry or cupboards.

  • Chewed drywall, pipes, wires, flooring, or storage boxes or ripped insulation.

  • Rodent droppings in your pantry, cupboards, or the backs of your drawers.

  • The distinct musty odor of rodent urine and excrement.

  • Hearing rustling or scratching in your attic, basement, walls, or ceilings.

If you're seeing rodents or signs of rodents in your Wallingford, CT home or business, we're here to help! With our professional rodent control services, we can get rid of those rodents quickly and effectively and keep your property rodent-free. To get started with rodent protection for your residential or commercial property, give us a call today!

Pests we treat for, remove, and eliminate in Wallingford, CT:

  • Carpenter Ants

  • Carpenter Bees

  • Centipedes

  • Earwigs

  • Millipedes

  • Rodents

  • Stink Bugs

  • Ticks

  • Wasps

Do you need a nuisance, dangerous, or damaging pest eliminated from your Wallingford, CT home or business or a wild animal removed to keep your property safe? Connecticut Pest Elimination, LLC is the answer to all your pest control worries. Give us a call today or contact us online to schedule your free estimate in Wallingford, CT!


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