Comprehensive Pest Control & Removal For Danbury, CT

Pests are unfortunately simply a part of owning a home. Inevitably, some manner of creepy-crawly pest will find its way into your home and decide to set up shop. However, most aren't going to cause any damage to your home and will mainly stick to areas where they will never be noticed. Many of the more obnoxious pests like flies will simply die off or leave at some point. However, many other pests are not nearly so harmless. For example, bed bugs, cockroaches, termites, stinging insects, and more can all pose a serious risk to either your home or your family and guests. Worse yet, many of these types of pests will simply get worse over time if you leave the problem alone.

That’s why the experts at Connecticut Pest Elimination offer comprehensive extermination and removal services for these dangerous or particularly obnoxious pests. We have years of experience dealing with pest problems similar to yours and know exactly how to locate the problematic pests in question and deal with them, permanently. To schedule your free estimate for one of our effective residential pest control plans for your Danbury, CT home, reach out to us to get started today!

Termite Extermination In Danbury, CT

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While they don’t bite, termites are an absolute nightmare for property owners of any sort, both commercial and residential. But unlike other pests termites tend to keep to themselves and stay far from prying eyes. While this might sound like a good thing, it’s actually one of the things that makes them so problematic. Even when you don’t see termites they are still a problem.

You see, the quiet places they like to hide happen to be tunnel complexes inside your walls that they burrow deeper and further every day. It’s estimated that these destructive pests cause around $5 billion in property damage each year.

So if you suspect you might have a termite problem, then immediately give the professionals at Connecticut Pest Elimination a call. We can thoroughly inspect your home or business for termites and, if we find them, eliminate them!

Bed Bug Control Experts In Danbury, CT

The old saying “sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite” should give you an idea of just how common these irritating and problematic pests can be. However, there is sometimes a misconception that bed bugs are only found in areas that are dirty and improperly taken care of. This is absolutely false. Bed bugs can be found anywhere and are easily carried from place to place in clothing and bags without anyone being the wiser. Oftentimes, you can even pick them up in public places like movie theaters and airports!

Since these bloodsuckers only grow more pervasive and become a bigger problem the longer they are ignored, it's vital that you have an expert deal with your problem. Here at Connecticut Pest Elimination, we have years of experience dealing with bed bug problems throughout the state and Mike Lipsett, our owner, is a member of the board for the Connecticut Coalition Against Bed Bugs (CCABB). For comprehensive bed bug extermination, contact the bed bug control experts at Connecticut Pest Elimination.

Innovative Multi-Tactic Cockroach Extermination In Danbury, CT

Roaches don't typically bite or damage your property the way that bed bugs and termites do, although biting is not unheard of, on occasion. However, they are still extremely problematic pests due to their rapid reproduction and how difficult it is to eliminate them. In fact, cockroaches have even been known to survive mild nuclear radiation.

However, here at Connecticut Pest Elimination, we use a multi-tactic cockroach control method to get around their infamous durability. Even large cockroach infestations ultimately fall to our multi-tactic approach. To get started with our professional cockroach control for your Danbury, CT, get started with one of our home pest control plans.

Humane & Effective Animal Removal In Danbury, CT

While they are common invaders, insects and rodents aren't the only critters that might want to make your home their own. Many animals don’t really appreciate the whole "property lines" thing. Raccoons tend not to understand why they can't play in your trash can, squirrels think the birdseed in your bird feeders is free for the taking, and gophers and groundhogs think it was awfully nice for you to plant a little buffet for them right in your backyard! This can cause big problems for Danbury, CT property owners.

However, you don’t need to constantly chase these creatures away or attempt to find some other method to get them to leave your property alone. At Connecticut Pest Elimination, we can set live traps to capture the wild animals on your property without harming them and then move them away from your property to somewhere they can’t cause trouble. For humane and effective wildlife control and removal, reach out to the Danbury, CT wildlife control experts at Connecticut Pest Elimination today!

Pests we exterminate and remove in Danbury, CT:

  • Carpenter Ants

  • Carpenter Bees

  • Centipedes

  • Earwigs

  • Millipedes

  • Rodents

  • Stink Bugs

  • Ticks

  • Wasps

Whether it’s termites, bed bugs, cockroaches, or wildlife that’s causing you trouble, you can count on Connecticut Pest Elimination, LLC to take care of the problem. We can remove your current problem and help you prevent future pest infestations or invasions. To schedule your free estimate, give us a call or contact us online!


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