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Wasps are mainly divided into social and solitary wasps. While solitary wasps are relatively harmless, social wasps can be a major danger to your home.

Wasps are dangerous and irritating pests that are all too common in Connecticut. Most wasps in CT are either social wasps, solitary wasps, or mud daubers. Their venom is extremely potent, painful, and even potentially fatal for those with allergies. While some exaggerate the danger of wasps, without allergies it is unlikely that they will cause serious damage, they can still be extremely irritating for any homeowner.

Connecticut Pest Elimination, Inc can help you solve your wasp problems. Our experts will carefully examine your home and yard to find the location of the wasps and decide on a solution that will effectively take care of the problem in your home. 

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  • Wasps can be divided into two general types: Social and Solitary. Of these two, social wasps are generally the most dangerous.
  • Social wasps aggressively defend their nests from intruders.
  • Their powerful venom, a mixture of enzymes and protein, is injected by a needle-like projection from the tail end of the body, usually called “the stinger”. The sting may be scarcely perceptible or may cause severe pain. While the pain is usually localized at the site of the puncture, there may be various systemic effects, and some people develop allergies to the venom.
  • However, the vast majority, perhaps 90% of the known species, are solitary wasps that cause few problems.
  • Their venom is quite different from that of social wasps, and seldom causes more than momentary pain. Also, solitary wasps are not aggressive and usually do not attempt to defend their nests.
  • However, with the exception of certain tropical species, both types of wasps are generally able to sting repeatedly since their stinger does not remain in the wound but only females are able to sting.

Mud Daubers

  • One particularly common type of wasp is the mud dauber. 
  • Adult mud daubers are 3/4 to 1 inch long and vary in color from dull black with bright yellow markings to blackish or iridescent blue-black. They have longer, more slender waists than most other wasps.
  • These wasps build small, tube-like nests of mud under eaves, in attics and under the roofs of storage buildings. As they develop in the mud tubes, the young larvae are generally fed spiders, including the poisonous brown recluse.

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