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Millipedes are not the most dangerous animals and are even helpful in the wild. However, they can quickly become a nuisance when they wander inside.

Millipedes are long tubular insects that mainly dwell outdoors in damp places. Outdoors they serve to recycle organic material but indoors they are little more than a nuisance. Have you noticed millipedes crawling around your basement? 

The best way to deal with any millipede problem is to keep them outside of your home in the first place. With years of experience in the business, you can count on the experts at Connecticut Pest Elimination, Inc to find out how millipedes are entering your house and stop them at the source. 

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What are Millipedes?

  • Millipedes are tubular insects that live outdoors in damp areas such as under leaves, needles, and dead plant debris, or in cracks and crevices. They feed on damp and decaying vegetable matter and are beneficial as “recyclers” of organic matter.
  • Millipedes that enter your home are usually found in the garage, basement, or lowest level, although they may wander into other parts of the house. They are most active at night and usually hide during the day in cracks and other moist locations.
  • Millipedes are harmless; they do not feed upon building structures or furnishings and they can not bite or sting. Millipedes can not reproduce indoors. All millipedes found inside wandered in by mistake. 
  • Millipedes migrate long distances during certain times of the year (varies with the weather, but commonly in spring or fall). Some sources of millipedes such as woodlands and crop reserve program fields can produce extremely large numbers of millipedes that invade from distances of 50 feet or more.

Our Millipede Removal Methods

Since millipedes generally end up in homes by accident and don't reproduce within, our controls for millipedes are aimed at keeping millipedes outdoors or reducing their numbers at the source. Cracks, gaps and other points of entry around windows and doors and in foundation walls should be sealed if possible. Removing organic matter such as plant mulch and dead leaves from against the house may help, and damp conditions around the house foundation should be corrected.

Insecticides are of limited benefit in controlling millipedes because of the protected areas where they originate and because of the long distances they migrate. However, in warm weather when millipedes are actively wandering, residual insecticides can be applied in a 5- to 20-foot wide barrier around the building to reduce entry. If practical, also spray areas where the millipedes likely originate. A thorough application will aid in control, but reliance on chemical control alone is often unsatisfactory. In fact, the distances millipedes migrate during certain times of the year may make actions near the home ineffective.

The indoor use of household insecticides provides little if any benefit. Millipedes that wander indoors usually die in a short time because of the dryness, and spraying cracks, crevices, and room edges is not very useful. Sweeping or vacuuming up the invaders and discarding them is the most practical option.

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