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Earwigs are not the most dangerous critters, but a mass of them in a home or building can be a major nuisance.

Earwigs generally live outdoors, sometimes they will be forced to come indoors, or just accidentally end up inside. Besides being another bug inside your home and thus being a nuisance that way, earwigs also produce a very foul odor when disturbed.

Connecticut Pest Elimination, Inc can help you remove or exterminate earwigs that have entered your home or can help you prevent earwigs from entering in the first place. If you need our services then don't hesitate. If you have a pest problem in Stamford, Norwalk, Danbury, New Haven, or close by, give us a call at 1-844-882-0554 or contact us online to schedule your free estimate!

Earwig Information

  • Earwigs are fairly common, though not often abundant, in Connecticut. They are rarely noticed except after prolonged periods of a year or more with wet weather. 
  • Earwigs are relatively easy to identify by the prominent pincers or forceps on the end of the abdomen. On females, the pincers are fairly straight while male pincers are more curved and caliper-like. The common earwig is about 5/8 of an inch long and dark brown with a reddish head and pale, yellow-brown legs.
  • Earwig pincers are used as both offensive and defensive weapons. Though they may try to pinch if captured and handled, they do not harm people.
  • Earwigs are outdoor insects usually found in damp areas, such as under mulch, dead leaves, logs, and piles of firewood, boards, stones, and other debris or in rotted wood where they feed on moist, decaying plant material. Though earwigs occasionally attack living plants, including vegetables, flowers, and ornamental plants, they are considered only minor pests to a garden.

Preventing and removing earwigs in Fairfield and nearby

Indoor treatment with household residual insecticides such as for cockroaches could be used in cracks and crevices that serve as points of entry, and along baseboards, window sills and door thresholds. Such treatments may provide limited benefit as more earwigs may wander in from outdoors.

Several controls can be used outdoors to prevent earwigs from being a major presence and entering your home. If possible reduce outdoor lighting that attracts earwigs around doors and windows. Reduce the attractiveness of the landscape and breeding/hiding sites. Earwigs need and are very attracted to moisture.

  1. Eliminate damp, moist conditions near the house such as around faucets and air-conditioning units.
  2. Channel water from rain gutters and spouts away from the house foundation.
  3. Consider removing landscape mulch (wood chips, gravel, etc.) from against the house.
  4. Finally, prevent entry by using caulking compound, putty, and weather stripping around doors, windows, pipes and other entry sites, especially at the ground level.

 As a last resort, insecticides can be sprayed around the house to stop or limit earwigs from getting indoors. Treat a three to six-foot band around the house adjacent to the foundation (perimeter treatment). Apply a home garden or turfgrass insecticide labeled for this purpose as needed and according to label directions. Applications in late afternoon are preferred. Use sufficient spray water (or post-treatment irrigation) to move the insecticide through mulch materials to the hiding places underneath.

Comprehensive Connecticut earwig removal and extermination

Don't let earwigs be a nuisance in your home. Connecticut Pest Elimination, Inc can help you keep earwigs out of your home or remove earwigs that are already there. We also offer a variety of other pest control options. Give us a call at 1-844-882-0554 or contact us online to schedule your free estimate today! We serve Stratford, Fairfield, Greenwich, West Hartford, Hamden, Meriden, Orange, and all of Connecticut.

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