Carpenter Bees

Stopping Carpenter Bees from Destroying Homes in Norwalk & Stamford

Carpenter bee removal services in Connecticut

Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees might look similar to bumblebees but they are far more problematic as they can damage your property and sting your family, friends, and employees.

Do not let the resemblance of carpenter bees to bumblebees fool you. Carpenter bees are a danger to your home thanks to their wood-boring capabilities, as well as their general ability to sting. While carpenter bees don't eat wood, they like to make their homes in wood and are therefore often attracted to wooden homes. However, any home can attract them as almost every siding has wood underneath, even brick.

Carpenter bees can burrow as deep as 1-2 feet into a structure and if the carpenter bees like your home they may even nest there for generations, becoming a larger and larger problem. This is not even mentioning the fact that they can cause painful stings when disturbed and are a danger to anyone with allergies.

If you have carpenter bees then Connecticut Pest Elimination, Inc is here to help. Our pest control experts have years of experience dealing with problems like yours and know all about carpenter bee extermination and removal. Our professional team can both identify your problem and provide an effective solution, no matter how extensive the hive network. Contact us online today or call us at 1-844-882-0554 to schedule your free estimate in Norwalk, Stamford, New Haven, Danbury, and the surrounding area!

Important carpenter bee information

  • Carpenter bees look very similar to bumblebees but with a few differences that are really only noticeable to experts. Unlike bumblebees, carpenter bees have a black abdomen with no yellow hair. They also have no pollen baskets on their back legs and don't nest in the ground but in wood (hence the problem).
  • Carpenter bees are not picky about what type of wood they nest in. They only require that there is sufficient room and food. They create extensive burrows and can sometimes burrow as much as 1-2 feet into a structure.
  • Carpenter bees are also far less social than their bumblebee cousins who dwell in massive hives. 
  • Carpenter bee females have stingers and will sting when disturbed while males don't have stingers, like most bee species.   
  • It is reported that at least 200 people die each year in the United States as a result of anaphylactic shock following the stings of wasps, hornets, and bees. This number does not include certain complications like automobile accidents and heart attacks that may have partially been caused by stings.

Comprehensive carpenter bee removal and extermination in Connecticut

Connecticut Pest Elimination, Inc offers the carpenter bee extermination and removal services you need if you've noticed carpenter bees in your home. Even if carpenter bees are less numerous than ants and other pests' they can still grow out of control quickly as they create larger and larger nests (or end up stinging you or your family).

Connecticut Pest Elimination, Inc can examine your home, discover the nest, and find a solution that will work for your home. We offer free estimates in Greenwich, Fairfield, Stratford, Orange, West Hartford, Hamden, Meriden, and the rest of CT. Contact us today or give us a call at 1-844-882-0554 to learn more! 

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