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Connecticut Pest Elimination, Inc Case Studies: Rodents Sneak into a Wallingford Home

Tuesday, August 28th, 2018 by Gina Ferrigno


Recently, a technician was dispatched to a rodent service at a residential home in Wallingford, CT. The technician was going to bait for rodents but first, we always inspect the location to figure out the cause of the rodent infestation. The technician found multiple holes and cracks in different spots around the home which was the cause of the rodent infestation. 



 After identifying the cause of the infestation, the technician set-up bait stations to solve the rodent issue at hand. He also made recommendations on what to fix and seal-up around the home to prevent rodents from entering in the future.

Did you know Mice can fit in a hole the size of a dime? They can also gnaw larger openings that allow them to get into your home. Concealing all holes completely can help stop this from happening. However, holes around the home are not always the easiest to detect if you aren't looking for them. Generally, we suggest twice a year taking a walk around your home to look for these holes (or potential rodent entries).  

Being on a proactive, reoccurring service plan with CT PEST (such as a quarterly service) can help prevent rodent issues before they occur! We preventatively bait the exterior so rodents are not able to enter your home. We also inspect on a reoccurring basis to let you know if we notice any rodent entry points.

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